Priyanka Chopra-starrer ‘Quantico’ In Hot Waters For Featuring Indo-Pak Conflict

Priyanka Chopra’s American drama series ‘Quantico’ is in a hot mess. The latest episode that aired on June 1, shows Hindu terrorists trying to blow up Manhattan and plotting to blame it on Pakistan.
The drama explores the lives of young FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) recruits who have come to Quantico base in Virginia to complete their 21 weeks long special training. Back in May, ABC network cancelled the drama for steadily dwindling ratings and now the recent episode manipulating India-Pakistan conflict has angered the public in star’s native country.

The episode named ‘The Blood of Romeo’ shows that Alex Parrish (played by Priyanka) and her team at FBI came to know that a Physics professor at Hudson University has stolen Uranium 235 from premises of the institute. They worked out that the bomb will be used in planning nuclear explosion in Manhattan.

As it all happens days before the scheduled India-Pakistan peace summit on Kashmir issue hence all the doubts will be on Pakistan.
FBI finds out that the Elizabeth Nutting stole the uranium under duress – her family has been abducted and if she doesn’t help them make the bomb, they will be killed.
CCTV footage directs them to a Pakistani Student. As investigations proceed, they find out that the attack was planned by Hindu nationalists/extremists that are trying to frame Pakistan in an attempt to scuttle talks and win the USA over their side for good.
Here is the promo for the controversial episode:

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